Parents Are Sharing What Their Kids Are Trying And Failing To Hide From Them

We’ve all sworn at some point that our parents have eyes in the backs of their heads — these parents are proving that they actually do. These not-so-subtle kids are learning about their next-level parents the hard way when they find their stash… of ravioli?

People aren’t sharing the times their angsty teens stashed little mini-bar bottles of liquor, we’re talking about the strange and glorious things that our six-year-olds think is taboo enough to hide away. Spoiler: the contraband is lettuce and ravioli.

The Long Standoff

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Photo Credit: throwmeaway / Reddit
Photo Credit: throwmeaway / Reddit

Sometimes getting your kid to confess to what they did can be like a police standoff with a hard witness. You’re turning on that single lightbulb over the table and waiting for that tough nut to crack. Come on, don’t make this harder than it has to be…