Parents Tweet About Driving Their Kids Around And It’s Some Minivan Realness

We can’t all ghost ride the Wraith whenever we feel — some of us have to drop our kids off for soccer practice. If the closest you get to feeling the thrill of the road these days is going five over in a residential area in your Dodge Caravan, just know you’re not alone.

These parents got real and tweeted about how they really feel about always being their kids’ Uber driver. These superhero moms and dads will have you nodding your head and taking the aux chord back from your kid in solidarity.

It’s The Disney Playlist Or Nothing

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Photo Credit: @dfaber84 / Twitter
Photo Credit: @dfaber84 / Twitter

Driving the kids around means listening to the music they like or you’ll catch a ton of flack from them for not playing the Frozen theme song 20 times in a row. Let it go kids!