Parents Who Definitely Used To Be Class Clowns

In every family, there’s someone who is especially silly, cheesy, funny, whatever…there is one person who is pretty much the class clown—family edition. Sometimes it’s your weird cousin who isn’t funny on purpose, or maybe your youngest sibling who needed ways to stand out, but most often, it’s one of your parents.

Mom and dad had to develop a pretty outrageous sense of humor to be able to cope with being parents, so they’re hilarious. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Ah! Look Out!”

mom set up Godzilla eating Peeps
Photo Credit: Reddit / JohnnyValet
Photo Credit: Reddit / JohnnyValet

Someone’s mom was feeling especially festive this year and decided to make this humorous and kind of scary diorama of Easter time in the little village of Peeps…who met their end thanks to Godzilla