Parents Who Made Mistakes So You Don’t Have To

Nobody said that being a parent was going to be easy. We all make mistakes sometimes, and parents are no exception to that fact. Sometimes you just have to give parents a bit of grace.

Moms and dads are some of the most judged people on the planet. This isn’t about judgment. It’s about laughing with parents who just need a moment to reflect on the absurdity of it all.

He Needed A Break

Sometimes dad needs to take a nap in the playpen while the kid tends to the dog.

He just needs to close his eyes for a minute and then he’s going to be fine.

A Right Of Passage

Are you really a parent if you haven’t stepped on your first Lego piece yet? Stepping on Lego is a right of passage in parenting.

It happens to all of us at some point or another.

A Big Kiss

If you aren’t watching your kids closely, they might just lick a pig right on the nose.

It seems great to take your kid to a farm until something like this happens.

She Might Be A Little Young For Harry Potter

It may have been a mistake to let this little girl watch the fourth Harry Potter movie— or any Harry Potter movie for that matter.

She should wait until she’s at least seven.

What’s Under The Hood

It looks like this baby has a career as a mechanic in her future. She’s always checking out what’s going on under the hood.

That bouncer will be up and running in no time.

The Wrong Halloween Costume

If you want to get dirty looks from every adult on your street, try dressing your kid up as a box of cigarettes for Halloween.

This dad turned it into a couple’s costume by dressing up as a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Don’t Put Suction Cups On Your Head

I don’t care how tempting it is to put a suction cup on your head, it really isn’t something that you should be doing.

You really don’t want to end up like this guy.

Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day sounds like a good idea in theory, and then you see that this kid shaved off the top of his hair so that he would look bald.

Now I’m very afraid.

He Was Trying To Do Something Nice

This dad likes to draw on his kid’s snack bags, which is absolutely adorable.

Sometimes his drawings are a little bit more appropriate than others. I’m pretty sure that it was the peanut butter sandwich drawing that was allowed to go to school.

His First Steps

As soon as your kid starts walking, the whole game changes. Now they can get themselves into some real trouble.

Look what this kid got into now that he can walk.

The Perfect Photo

This mom attempted to take a photo of her kids sitting on a snowy tree branch, but she got a photo of them falling off that tree branch instead.

I think this makes for an even better photo.

Only The Crusts

We’ve heard of kids not eating sandwich crusts before. That’s a pretty common thing that parents have to deal with.

But it looks like this kid only ate the crust of his peanut butter sandwich. What’s wrong with him?

He’s Not Having A Merry Christmas

This little girl seems to be having a great time sitting with Santa and having her picture taken.

Her little brother is definitely not as impressed. Merry Christmas to you too, kid.

By God, He’s Right

I would say that this kid had some sharp eyes, but who would look at that power washer and not think that it looks like Mike Wazowski?

The resemblance is uncanny.

Swallowed By Snow

Some kids would just make a regular snowman. Not this kid. This kid wanted to make a giant snow monster that eats him alive.

I guess it gives the neighbors something to talk about.

The Same Jacket

How are these parents supposed to keep an eye on their child at the park? How are they supposed to know which one is their kid?

Next time this kid is getting a neon orange jacket.

He Asked For It

Even though this kid asked for it, his parent should’ve told him he wasn’t ready for the elephant ride. That face says it all.

Maybe a promise to ride it when he gets a little taller and candy would have done the job.

The Little Squirt Found The Food Coloring

The mother of this child said he got into the pantry and climbed up four shelves to find this food coloring. He had enough time to make a masterpiece on the floor as well.

Photo Credit: @parentingfail / Instagram
Photo Credit: @parentingfail / Instagram

He’s all smiles, but I’m sure his mom isn’t too happy about this all this mess. She didn’t even know they had food coloring!

The Child Shield

Can you tell if he’s using the kid as protection or if he was already holding his son in the air? That’s not nice if he was letting him get smacked in the face.

kid held up by dad getting hit by ball
Photo Credit: h1lleard / Reddit
Photo Credit: h1lleard / Reddit

That kid will never want to play soccer with his dad again.

Face Full Of Sand

No babies were harmed in the making of this photo. If Dad weren’t so busy checking his mentions, he would’ve caught his child doing a face dive.

It’s safe to say that parents need to limit their social media usage around their kids.

She’s Casually In The Mix

Call me suspicious, but I think the little girl played those two into fighting each other. She’s too relaxed sitting there.

Girl sitting calmly making eye contact with the camera as her brothers fight
Photo Credit: Captain_Davey / Reddit
Photo Credit: Captain_Davey / Reddit

There’s no telling what happened here, but they really don’t need to be fighting like that.

Curious Kids

Moms should tell their daughters that it isn’t okay to chop off their hair. No matter how curious they get, they’ll only regret it.

I can already hear all the tears that came from this little girl. That’s a decent chunk of hair!

Hide And Seek

This kid wanted to play a game of hide and seek with her mom. It took her mom all of five seconds to find her because she forgot to tuck her feet in.

kid hiding behind curtains with his legs sticking out
Photo Credit: buttertoast313 / Reddit
Photo Credit: buttertoast313 / Reddit

They should teach her how to hide better than that.

Close Call!!

Wow, this looks dangerous. Childproofing your home is something not every parent does, but more need to do.

If there were a plastic covering in the socket, this might’ve been avoided. Instead, they narrowly missed getting electrocuted.

“Found This Monstrosity Ramen With Captain Crunch Saved In The Fridge”

If your kid is making meals like this, then consider it an epic fail. No one is supposed to mix Cap’n Crunch with anything except milk.

crunch with ramen from kid
Photo Credit: sticky_muffin87 / Reddit
Photo Credit: sticky_muffin87 / Reddit

That’s a cereal you can enjoy daily. What kind of kid mixes it with ramen, of all things?

The Custom Mac Every Parent Wants!

The screen from earlier was pretty bad, but this one is worse. If you look on the bright side, at least it still works (I hope).

mac computer covered in crayons
Photo Credit: craghawk / Reddit
Photo Credit: craghawk / Reddit

The details in the coloring aren’t that bad, so you can probably live with this.

The Baby Is Fine

Yes, the baby is fine, but that doesn’t mean this was a wild idea. Swinging kids for a beach picture doesn’t seem too smart.

Especially when one of the kids is still a baby. It looks like he’s sitting on air thanks to the position he’s in.

A Rookie Mistake

Leaving a baby without a diaper is like leaving an untrained dog in your home for two hours. Mostly bad things will happen!

That’s a pretty long streak this little guy left. He must’ve had a lot of water that day.

Those Aren’t Hands

The book said and even had a little picture of hands, but this parent used feet instead. This is a harmless fail, but one spouse might not like it.

footprints on hand page of baby book
Photo Credit: cheekyjenng / Reddit
Photo Credit: cheekyjenng / Reddit

These books are supposed to be close to flawless, and this is already a huge blemish.

“Lightly Coat In Flour…”

What’s worse, a kid finding the food coloring and getting it on the floor, or this? Here we see a lot of flour, so it might not be easy to clean this.

entire living room covered in flour
Photo Credit: @theellenshow / Instagram
Photo Credit: @theellenshow / Instagram

Yeah, this isn’t good. How did the little one manage to find and get into the flour?