People Who Might Be Second-Guessing The Whole Having Kids Thing

There are so many people who dream of having a family, so when they decide it’s time to start having kids, I’m sure it’s an exciting time. But, do any of us really know what we’re in for? We forget how weird we were as children and tell ourselves the same lie everyone else does — my child will be totally normal.

Then that sentiment is challenged day after day, from them wanting to eat Vasaline to sticking things in their noses. Kids will forever test the patience . of their parents, and we have the proof.

At Least She’s Reading?

a kid using her feet to hold up a book
Photo Credit: Twitter / @heyashleyf
Photo Credit: Twitter / @heyashleyf

This would be the moment I would wonder where they got all that flexibility from and is there a possibility that this child might end up being a vigilante superhero someday?