People Tweet About How They Know They’re Old And Wow It Hits Home

Everyone complains about getting old. Maybe you found out you were old when you realized you actually can’t leave your house without a coffee or when standing up required that you make every groan imaginable. Seriously, where do these noises even come from? Our only guess is that it’s your body yelling at you for the years of mac n’ cheese dinners.

People are sharing how they know they’ve gotten old and it’s all kinds of relatable and rheumatic humor. We all said that we’d never do these things as kids but the orthopedic shoe is on the other foot now.

Happy 29th Again

new birthday
Photo Credit: @realHamOnWry
Photo Credit: @realHamOnWry

We all used to make fun of our moms when they would celebrate their 29th birthday for the fifth year in a row. Little did we know we’d soon get on her level.