People Whose Parents Are Better At Social Media Than They Are

In the age of social media and technology, parents are having to navigate how or when to monitor their children on social media. When do you sit back and let them post what they want, or when do you step in and stop them from posting a picture they might regret 5 years from now?

These parents decided that they couldn’t resist commenting or responding to their kids’ posts on social media, but it might not be the wholesome, encouraging comments you expected them to make…

Proud Parent Moment

dad at the liquor store finding son's fake id
Photo Credit: Twitter / @coachswaz
Photo Credit: Twitter / @coachswaz

While at the liquor store this dad discovered that his son’s face was amongst the fake IDs displayed on the Wall of Shame, and he couldn’t resist sharing his proudest moment as a father with his Twitter followers.