Photos That Prove Marriage Is A War And We Don’t Know Who’s Winning

When you get married, you’re agreeing to spend decades of your life with your new spouse. If you’re lucky, you’re going to be with them for the next 50 or 60 years, so you’ve got to be able to keep things interesting, right?

While you may not always love the practical jokes that your husband pulls, and your wife will never share her dessert with you, your life would be boring without them.

There’s No Point In Debating It

car accident or child birth which pain is worse
Photo Credit: Twitter / @kentWGraham
Photo Credit: Twitter / @kentWGraham

You’re never going to win the battle when it comes to thinking that something is more painful than childbirth. Even if the physical pain is worse, you still didn’t form a person inside of you, so she’s going to win