Pics That Prove Parenting Is No Cakewalk

Being a parent is a lot of hard work. Nobody really talks about the real ins and outs of raising a human being. We all know that you don’t get much sleep once you become a parent, but did you know that having kids also means dealing with some of the silliest and most absurd issues you’ve ever encountered in your life?

Keep reading to see the strange side of parenting and all of the weird things that those of us with kids have to cope with on a daily basis.

There Are Rules About Short Shorts

This father caught his daughter cutting her jeans into short shorts, so he decided to teach her a lesson by wearing some short shorts of his own around their local Walmart.

dad in shorts with daughter wal mart
Photo Credit: ThisAccountWasMadeAtExactlyMidnight / Imgur
Photo Credit: ThisAccountWasMadeAtExactlyMidnight / Imgur