Pictures Of Smiling Preemie Babies That Warm Our Hearts

Life is truly a beautiful thing—and that’s something these little babies who are happy to be alive can attest to. These premature babies may have been born earlier than expected, but they’re more than on time with supplying their cheeky grins.

Check out these little munchkins who are feeling grateful to be alive and in this big wide world. Luckily, there were cameras present to capture the magic of these hams. A big welcome goes out to these cheesers on this list.

Up Close And Personal

preemie baby
Photo Credit: Audrey-Lindy Cheatham / Facebook
Photo Credit: Audrey-Lindy Cheatham / Facebook

We think this little smiler has a joke that he’s trying to tell us, which is why he’s gotten so close to the camera. Come on little one, you have to stop laughing in order to say it.