Pictures That Prove That Moms And Dads Bring The Chaos

We love our parents and they do so much for us. But sometimes their methods are slightly more than questionable in a big, disastrous way. Their tag team combinations are equal parts hilarious and often leave us scratching our heads and looking around for the dustpan.

Here are some hilarious photos that prove moms and dads are out here living it up in all the wildest ways. Even though we’re constantly baffled by them, it doesn’t stop us from loving them that much more. We just find ourselves asking “why?” a whole lot.

She Dressed Up As The Scariest Person In Her Life… Her Son

mom and son shes dressed up as him
Photo Credit: Flintor / Reddit
Photo Credit: Flintor / Reddit

For Halloween, this mom wasn’t messing around. She wanted to go as the thing that sent fear straight into her heart that she’s sent straight out into the world. This now gives all of us a new reason to be nice to our moms, lest they dress up as us for Halloween.