Pregnancy Hacks To Make Your Life A Little Better While You’re Busy Creating A Human

Anyone who ever said pregnancy was easy is a straight-up liar, but there are ways that you can make those nine months a little easier on yourself. There’s a hack for everything nowadays, and moms are always willing to share what trick of the trade got them through their pregnancy.

You’ve got wicked heartburn? We’ve got a hack for that. Swollen ankles? We’ve got you covered. Morning sickness? There are a couple of tricks for that coming your way.

Electrolyte Ice Cubes

gatorade pregnancy hack
Photo Credit: Instagram / @luv_belly
Photo Credit: Instagram / @luv_belly

For those moms who are struggling with morning sickness, one mom suggests freezing electrolyte solutions made of papaya juice, ginger, and coconut water so you can stay hydrated while also relieving nausea and replenishing your electrolytes! Another option is to just freeze Gatorade.