Proof That Being An Aunt Or Uncle Is So Much Better Than Being A Parent

Your siblings have decided to have a child and that’s exciting for them. Your family is growing, and kids, in general, can be pretty great. It’s easy to say that being an aunt or an uncle is incredible.

Being an aunt or an uncle can help you see children in a new light. It might even scare you out of having children of your own. I mean, who wants to deal with a twelve-year-old who already listens to too many true crime podcasts?

Well, That Will Accomplish Something

If you wake the baby, you’re responsible for the baby, which is probably what an aunt or uncle thinks they want until the little one won’t stop crying. Then who’s laughing?

tweet: me: Can I see the baby? Sister: Yes, but only if she's awake me, through a megaphone: NOT A PROBLEM
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TySmithdrums
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TySmithdrums