Raising Successful Boys Isn’t Hard — Just Let Them Be Active

Sometimes it seems that the most obvious answers are the right ones. We know that it’s harmful to our health and productivity to sit for hours each day. In the workplace, we’ve made significant strides in trying to address like corporate gym memberships, standing desks, and apps that remind us to exercise.

So why would it be any different for our children? They need to be more active.

So Why Haven’t We Done The Same For School-Aged Children?

picture of a child's raised hand
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Matthew Horwood
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Matthew Horwood

We expect kids to sit through six to eight hours of school each day with minimal breaks. It’s not surprising that it would make some children restless, especially little boys.

Boys are constantly on the move at a young age, engaging in behavior that is considered inappropriate and distracting like running around, talking loudly, and not being able to sit still.