Single Dad Adopts Child Who Was Abandoned Twice By Two Different Families

Parents and children who have experience in the foster care system know that it can be an emotional roller coaster of change and instability.

Fortunately, there are certain people out there who rise to the challenge every single day to ensure that children under state care are provided with loving homes and the chance at having a healthy family life.

Peter Has Been A Foster Parent For Four Years

Peter Mutabazi is one of those incredible people working to help children who end up in the foster care system.

Man, four kids, and two dogs, sit on couch together, 3 kids wear sunglasses
Photo Credit: @fosterdadflipper / Instagram
Photo Credit: @fosterdadflipper / Instagram

Peter has been a foster parent for four years now, and recently became an adoptive father to one of the foster children who came to him in a unique situation.