Stereotypical Dad Fashion Archetypes That Every Dad Has Worn At Some Point

Dad fashion is one of those all-encompassing terms that could apply to literally anything a dad wears because all of it is iconic. There are no laws or limitations when it comes to what a dad will wear, but there are some stereotypes that they all meet, and there’s an Instagram account that shares all your dad-fashion pictures.

From the graphic T-shirts to the sportswear to the New Balance trainers, there are some fashion choices that immediately scream ‘dad’ and we need to pay homage to them.

Vacation Mode Activated

dad fashion on vacation
Photo Credit: Instagram / @fashiondads_
Photo Credit: Instagram / @fashiondads_

You know he wanted to bring this coat “in case it’s unseasonably cold in Florida” but didn’t have room in his suitcase so now he’s stuck wearing a jacket for 5 hours on the plane.