Study Finds That Happy And Long-Lasting Couples Watch Christmas Movies Together

In true Hallmark fashion, a study found that the couples who take the time to really get into the Christmas spirit by cozying up together and watching a Christmas movie were happier and more likely to last longer than their Scrooge counterparts. Not that we’re really surprised anyway.

So if you’ve been waiting for the perfect reason to get your significant other into the holiday spirit, now’s your perfect opportunity. So entice them with some delicious egg nog, It’s A Wonderful Life, and some feel-good sciencey statistics. There’s nothing more Christmasy than facts.

We All Know There’s Magic In The Movies

santa with dogs
Photo Credit: @mecanthandleme / Twitter
Photo Credit: @mecanthandleme / Twitter

I mean, listen, none of us are surprised by the fact that Christmas movies help bring people together. Every year there’s the expected family tradition of everyone sitting down together and watching something—we all look forward to it and it gets the gang together. Why not do the same with your significant other?

Another incentive is that holiday movies always have that romance element in them. People are falling in love left and right, strangers are reconnecting with family members, and dogs are saving the holiday season. Even Air Bud has a Christmas movie — Santa Buddies anyone?