Stunning Tattoos That People Used To Cover Scars And Birthmarks

As humans, we can’t control what we’re born with, but that’s okay. You can choose to leave it how it is, or you can get creative with it. The following people chose to transform their scars and birthmarks into beautiful pieces of art. Take a look for yourself.

Abduction In Progress

While this scar is pretty long, it didn’t stop this person from getting super creative. They opened their mind and envisioned an abduction!

The scary part is that this could be a real thing, but some take it as a joke. Maybe this will prevent this person from getting abducted in the future.

Covering The Tummy Tuck

This lady got a tummy tuck and probably didn’t appreciate the scar it left behind. Instead, she went with a beautiful display of flowers and butterflies.

tummy tuck tattoo
Photo Credit: Amy Halpin / Pinterest
Photo Credit: Amy Halpin / Pinterest

Now, when she sees herself in the mirror, she won’t feel bad about her decision. This is great.

A Brilliant Idea

With such a unique birthmark, this woman decided to include her drink of choice to make it look cleaner. This was a clever idea on her behalf.

When you spill red wine, it gets everywhere, just like this tattoo depicts. Her artist deserves some props.

Now There’s A Ghost

That birthmark really looks like a ghost on Halloween. The generic kind that uses a sheet, like on Scooby-Doo.

She could’ve stopped at the eyes, but the added “boo” was the perfect touch. She probably smiles at this all the time.

The Mystery Woman

This woman stuck her hand in her bag and dug deep for this one. You can see where the mark is, but how did she decide on such an intricate piece?

no face person on arm
Photo Credit: Natalya Milkyway / Pinterest
Photo Credit: Natalya Milkyway / Pinterest

That doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she’s happy with her decision, and she can live with this.

From Spots To Flowers

This one isn’t as in-depth as some of the others, but it’s just as elegant. The tiny flowers and stems are all she needed to succeed.

covering the marks
Photo Credit: @mini_tattooer / Instagram
Photo Credit: @mini_tattooer / Instagram

Sure, she could’ve added more, but this is fine how it is. Honestly, the before pictures didn’t need any work either.

The Perfect Cut

He won’t wear shorts every day of his life, but he’s sure to get compliments and looks when he does. The caption reveals this is the same blade that really cut him.

He’s got to be tough to put a reminder of how he ended up with a gnarly scar like that.

A Musical Coverup

It’s simple and light but still effective. The average person who sees this in person probably wouldn’t even recognize that it’s a coverup.

cello tattoo for scar
Photo Credit: theanswerplus / Reddit
Photo Credit: theanswerplus / Reddit

The discreet nature of it is what makes it so cool. You won’t be able to find many more covers as subtle as this.

Man On The Moon

This logo is often connected to the DreamWorks logo that they play before their movies. That’s a great way to cover up a scar.

It blends perfectly if you ask me. She could’ve even colored it a light gray to make it more realistic.

Run, Forrest, Run!!

Forrest Gump has the most endurance in movie history. There’s no other human being that ran more than Gump did.

Here’s a fantastic way to show love for one of the best movies to ever be released. It’s easy, fun, and a classic.

This Is Gold

Anything that deals with Pokémon is a win (unless the artist doesn’t know what they’re doing). Thank goodness this person chose a great tattoo artist.

This tattoo is so good; I’m thinking about getting a similar scar on purpose to get one of these but in Charizard form.

A Clever Pitcher

Joba Chamberlain throws fast pitches while he’s on the mound, so only photos can capture this masterpiece when he’s working. It’s just a simple happy face.

I don’t know this man personally, but he’s probably a down-to-earth guy if he’s putting smiles on his elbow.

Way To Stitch It

What a perfect stitch! This guy must be funny if he’s stitching his scar with a tattoo. It’s another subtle one, but it makes all the sense in the world.

This guy might like sewing, or he just thought it was a good idea. Whatever the case, it’s good.

The Advanced Scuba Diver

How long do you think it took this man to come up with this idea? I think someone suggested it to him, and he figured out the design.

underwater man fixing tattoo
Photo Credit: SloDilf1493 / Reddit
Photo Credit: SloDilf1493 / Reddit

The detail on this thing is amazing, to say the least. This is something worth looking at for the rest of your life.

A Bit Graphic, But Powerful

As gruesome as this may look, it’s nothing compared to having heart surgery. If he could endure that, this man can get through anything.

What better way to celebrate a successful surgery than by showing a chainsaw cutting you?

The Pirate Approach

This guy went with a full depiction of a pirate ship at sea. The detail on this one is pretty extensive, but it made it all the better.

ship on back from scar
Photo Credit: @yasinaliciart / Instagram
Photo Credit: @yasinaliciart / Instagram

His scar was pretty big, so it makes sense he went all out on the coverup. This is stunning.

This Is Amazing

How many people do you think he fools with this? It looks like a full finger! You wouldn’t be able to tell if this was fake, even in person.

replacement finger on this guy
Photo Credit: Eric Catalano / Facebook
Photo Credit: Eric Catalano / Facebook

I don’t know what happened to his hand, but this is basically as good as new.

Someone Is Happy With These Results

Since her scar was so massive, she had to go big or go home. She hit out the park with this idea!

Not only does it add to the sleeve she already had, but it makes wearing tops like the one in the photo even more fun.

A Fishy Situation

My guess is that this person has a vast appreciation for fish. It looks like a cartoon cat took it, ate the middle, and placed it on that leg.

fish scar on leg
Photo Credit: Holdenl2121 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Holdenl2121 / Reddit

It’s something cool to look at instead of a boring and basic scar. There’s still room to add to it, too.

This Spiral

Whatever was underneath this tattoo is completely gone now thanks to this mind-bending tat.

3D tattoo looks like a spiral

This is the kind of thing that once you’ve had a few drinks you wouldn’t be able to look away from.

Zip It Up

Not all the coverups on this list are perfect, but this one for sure is. It hardly covers the scar, but it didn’t have to do that.

The zipper serves its purpose just fine being at the bottom of the scar she has.

Can You Guess Where The Scar Is?

Can you guess where the scar is? Well, it’s the red parts of the shark’s mouth. That’s a pretty great idea for a coverup.

the mouth scar
Photo Credit: @evanmakesart / Instagram
Photo Credit: @evanmakesart / Instagram

It’s even better if this person has an affinity for sharks. Going to the beach will never be the same with this thing.

What’s Up, Doc?

Bugs Bunny approves of this. It looks like he even took a bite of it. The caption says this was freehand, which makes it even more special.

That means there’s still room for improvement, but I would be fine with it in this form since it’s so simple and clean.

Paw Prints Galore!

You can’t say you love dogs if you aren’t willing to get this tattoo coverup. Since it’s a blend, there shouldn’t have been any hesitation about receiving this.

No one will ever tell the difference once they see all the other pawprints on the arm.

There’s A Monster Inside

It might be a little creepy, but it fits so well. This person’s scar wasn’t that big in the first place, but now, you can’t even tell at all.

Folks might think this was a regular tattoo idea if they didn’t know this guy personally. I wonder what his inspiration was.

Lighting The Match

This one is similar to the red wine spill the lady from earlier had. A match burning you is very feasible.

match lit on leg
Photo Credit: Christy Mead / Pinterest
Photo Credit: Christy Mead / Pinterest

It seems as if this is on his leg, so he’s going to freak some people out when he wears shorts. That match is perfectly detailed.

The Instructions Are Clear

A tattoo that gives instructions isn’t something you see every day. This scar made it to where this idea made perfect sense.

This is also another case of not completely covering the scar, but the tattoo still gets the job done.

A Personal Planet

Here’s a unique birthmark not because of its size, but because of its color. That didn’t faze this person.

They decided to give themselves a personal planet in the middle of their arm. The addition of the star on top is great.

A Cute Jellyfish

Now, this isn’t the jellyfish that will bully you like in SpongeBob. This is a beautiful and elegant sea creature waiting to bless you with its appearance.

jelly fish coverup
Photo Credit: @mini_tattooer / Instagram
Photo Credit: @mini_tattooer / Instagram

Thanks to the bright colors, you can’t even tell where the scar begins or ends!

The Force Is Strong With This One

If you see anything other than a lightsaber in that scar, your eyes aren’t working properly. Darth Vader was a brilliant addition.

If they had added an extended lightsaber, this could’ve been Darth Maul. There were many other routes this might’ve gone.

“Face Your Demons”

Some people run from their demons, but this person decided to hold hands with them. I honestly don’t even know where the scar is.

friends with demon on tattoo
Photo Credit: MyUsernameIsNotCool / Reddit
Photo Credit: MyUsernameIsNotCool / Reddit

It has to be those white lines on the human’s skin, so it’s safe to say that this was a job well done.

May The Force Be With You

A scar shows the wound of a fighter. If you think about it, it’s literally the skin’s way of fighting some type of injury to heal itself and protect your body.

It may look out of place from the rest of the smooth skin, but it’s worthy of being honored.

Bringing Life Into The World

What are babies if not simply the flowers that were planted in a mother’s womb, then grown in the soil of her body, only for them to blossom like a flower when they’re born?

It’s only fitting to symbolize a C-section scar with a tattoo of bloomed flowers all across it.

Only Moving Upwards

What’s beautiful about this tattoo is how it was blended to match directly with the previous, more faded tattoo.

The way it opens up can be symbolic of this woman’s ability to continue moving forward through her multiple surgeries.

A Match Made In Heaven

The way that this tattoo was drawn makes it look like the scar was always meant for it. That’s because the finished product makes the scar completely disappear.

Can anyone tell which part of the body this is, though? Because we can’t tell.

Staying On Brand

When a cat scratches us, we often don’t think much of it. For this guy, though, he got cat-scratch disease.

He says he nearly died from it. It was only fitting to have a tattoo that explained exactly what happened over the scar. At least now he’ll always get a good laugh looking at it.

Flying Away From Harm

Unfortunately, self-harm is a mental health struggle that many suffer from, but it doesn’t make them prisoner to it.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. One day, they’ll be able to fly away from it and soar. This makes the artistic bird tattoo seem poetic.

Light As A Feather

This tattoo is unique because it looks three-dimensional. The way that the feather weaves through the scars could be interpreted as the weight of these scars being lifted and now being light as a feather.

Every time she looks down, this will serve as a reminder.

Uncharted Territory

The pain and presence of a scar can feel like unknown territory to those who have them. This is because they don’t know how to cover them up or if they even should.

They wonder how people will respond to their scars—if people will understand or judge them. If you give them a map, then at least you can be the one to guide them.

Just Keep Swimming

By now, you probably get the message that most of these tattoo coverups are a picture of the perseverance of those who held the scars.

It’s like Nemo once tried to tell us when he sang “Just Keep Swimming.” Even when it all feels overwhelming to the point that you feel like drowning, just keep swimming!

Call Her Fierce

What do you think when you picture a leopard or cheetah? We envision a fierce animal with strong survival instincts.

This woman’s tattoo has given her more confidence. It’s made her feel strong and fierce, just like a cheetah.