These Memes Were Tailor-Made For The Youngest Sibling

The experience of being the youngest sibling, especially in a large family, has some hilarious highs and lows. You might be the light of your parent’s eyes, but your older siblings only see a crash test dummy and someone they can boss around the house.

These memes are a perfect representation of what it’s like to grow up as the smallest, youngest kid in the house.

WWE Smackdown: Sibling Edition

Younger siblings (especially brothers) have learned to recognize the words that lead directly to them getting their butt whooped.

Red fluffy monkey puppet wearing green shirt looking nervously at camera, text overlay is older sibling saying to younger sibling
Photo Credit: @jin_he_hun / Twitter
Photo Credit: @jin_he_hun / Twitter

Any time an older sibling is pondering wrestling or fighting practice, it’s time to make like a banana and split.