These Memes Were Tailor-Made For The Youngest Sibling

The experience of being the youngest sibling, especially in a large family, has some hilarious highs and lows. You might be the light of your parent’s eyes, but your older siblings only see a crash test dummy and someone they can boss around the house.

These memes are a perfect representation of what it’s like to grow up as the smallest, youngest kid in the house.

WWE Smackdown: Sibling Edition

Younger siblings (especially brothers) have learned to recognize the words that lead directly to them getting their butt whooped.

Red fluffy monkey puppet wearing green shirt looking nervously at camera, text overlay is older sibling saying to younger sibling
Photo Credit: @jin_he_hun / Twitter
Photo Credit: @jin_he_hun / Twitter

Any time an older sibling is pondering wrestling or fighting practice, it’s time to make like a banana and split.

Eating Your Older Sibling’s Food Is Signing Your Own Death Warrant

There is no fury like that of a hungry eldest sibling when they realize someone ate their food.

Young girl child wearing yellow jacket running looking scared with text overlay:
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook

Typically the house is warned of the discovery with an outrageous yell — which is a good time for the culprit to make their escape.

The Youngest Sibling Is The Hand-Me-Down Poster Child

The smallest (and therefore usually youngest) child always ends up being the owner of everyone else’s hand-me-downs.

From clothing to sports equipment to bicycles, the youngest sibling rarely owns something that hasn’t been tried and tested first.

When Your Sibling Has To Call In Mom For Backup

If there’s one thing youngest siblings are great for, it’s challenging authority and getting away with it.

Untitled design (7)
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook

Even when older siblings have the babysitting power, sometimes they still have to call mom to lay down the law.

Siblings Invented “If Looks Could Kill”

There is not a single sibling out there that doesn’t recognize the danger of a poorly concealed threat.

The “I’ll get you later” type of warning leaves a kid spending all day hoping their bro or sis forgets their promise.

Me Telling My Bleeding Brother: “It Doesn’t Hurt! You’re Fine!”

Older siblings are quick to apologize when they realize they’ve caused some damage that could get them into trouble.

One otter leaning over another squealing otter with text overlay:
Photo Credit: Facebook / Cosmopolitan
Photo Credit: Facebook / Cosmopolitan

It’s shocking how soothing they can become after causing injury just to avoid getting yelled at.

Youngest Sibling Is The Unwilling Undercover Agent

Older brothers and sisters are forever sending younger siblings on recon missions and tricking them into helping with schemes.

The success relies on the youngest child committing to the act and telling the parents it was their idea.

You Were Either Adopted Or Found

Unfortunately, almost every youngest child has heard some horrible, made-up story about where they came from.

Two young toddlers of Asian descent sitting on stairs with text overlay of older sibling saying: we found you in the dustbin.
Photo Credit: charming_cabbage / Reddit
Photo Credit: charming_cabbage / Reddit

I can confirm that I told my younger sister she fell from an airplane in a cargo box and landed on the doorstep just like the baby Grinch did.

This Girl Re-Lived Her Childhood Trauma After Reading Her Sister’s Old Diary

Good luck finding a youngest sibling who hasn’t spent an extended period of time trapped inside some kind of box, storage bin, or closet.

Is it safe? Absolutely not. But for some reason, older siblings love to imprison younger ones.

Is The Youngest Sibling The Best Free Labor?

Taking out the trash, cleaning up after the dog, cutting the grass, emptying the dishwasher. These tasks are sometimes pawned off onto the youngest sibling.

Cartoon character from Futurama Fry with eyes closed suspiciously, text overlay: NOT SURE IF JUST THE YOUNGEST SIBLING OR THE FAMILY SLAVE
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook
Photo Credit: Sibling Memes / Facebook

Taking empties back, picking up groceries, being the DD. Turns out the responsibilities of the youngest just shift as they get older.

That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

Ah, the classic “we were just playing” when in reality someone very well could have ended up in the hospital.

A bright bruised (red, pink, fuchsia) bare back with a large, clear handprint visible in raised blood vessels on the skin.
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

This “5 star” slap was so brutal it raised the blood to the surface of the skin and left a perfect hand imprint.

The Wound Could Be Fatal And An Older Sibling Will Say “You’re Fine”

“It’s just a flesh wound!” I told my sister whose head I just ripped a wiggly baby tooth out of. “No need to involve mom! Now the tooth fairy will come!”

Renaissance era men engaged in sword fight, rapier through one man's eye. Text overlay: When you hurt your sibling I'm sorry you're fine you're fine please don't tell mom
Photo Credit: @theinvinciblememes / Instagram
Photo Credit: @theinvinciblememes / Instagram

The more convincing an older sibling is, the more calm the younger one is.

Sibling Shower Dash Should Be An Olympic Event

Kids have gotten injured by their siblings in the mad dash for the open shower.

Three Olympic runners sprinting in dash with international flags in background. Text overlay: when u say ur gonna go take a shower and ur sibling says no I'm gonna shower first
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

It only gets worse when each sibling is an athlete and sweaty practice times collide.

A Youngest Sibling Is A Glorified Carrier Pigeon

An older sibling who doesn’t take advantage of the energy and gullibility of a younger sibling is sleeping on an opportunity.

Like the beloved and loyal golden retriever, youngest siblings are excellent at middleman work.

Unwritten Rule: The Middle Seat Is For The Smallest Child

Another universal youngest child experience is the dreaded middle seat in the car.

Usually saved for the smallest family member, it’s the most crowded and least comfortable place in the whole vehicle.

The Only Thing Worse Than Being The Youngest Is Being The Middle Child

Being demoted to the middle child after the birth of a third sibling can be hard for kids to accept.

Watch any season of Malcolm in the Middle to get an idea of some of the realities of middle child syndrome.