These Next-Level Hilarious Parents Have Us In Tears

Parents born with funny bones are truly a gift from the skies. They supply humor on tap 24/7 and don’t even ask you to pay cover for the comedy show. These birth-givers are true riots and they’re here to brighten your day and make you feel like you should give your own parents a phone call.

Whether it’s the parents intentionally parking the VW in the living room or accidentally making 100 pancakes, it’s never a dull moment in these families. We’ll be here on the sidelines laughing and eagerly waiting for it all to hit the fan.

The Dad Who Found The Perfect Parking Spot

vw car living
Photo Credit: TomTheTerrific / Reddit
Photo Credit: TomTheTerrific / Reddit

The funniest parents are the ones who don’t let silly things like rules or other people’s opinions hold them back from living their wild lives, which is exactly what this dad is. We’re just curious how his wife reacted to the car’s new indoor “parking spot.”