These Parents Got Schooled By Their 7-Year-Olds

Being a parent is a crazy, wild, difficult, amazing ride. It’s full of tough moments and good times. Watching your kids grow up is both magical and heartbreaking. When these parents’ kids turned 7, they realized how big they had really gotten. These kids are now able to tell jokes with the best of them, roast their parents, and observe the world in their own unique way.

Keep reading to hear about some 7-year-olds who crack us all up.

Already Tired

This kid is 7 years old and he’s already tired of the whole world. We hear you kid, but we’ve got some bad news: if you’re tired now, you’re not going to get any less tired as you get older.

Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn / Twitter
Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn / Twitter