These People Obviously Married Their Best Friend And It’s Everything

These best friends sure got lucky when decided to tie the knot! They’re out here showing us all that marriage isn’t always the drag that it’s made out to be on every rom-com, but is actually like, super fun.

We’re so here for these fun and goofy couples who aren’t afraid to be their true selves around their partners. Saying “I love you” with wet hair on the bathroom wall after a shower? Midnight taco-eating contests? I’m into it and you’re about to be too.

Read The (Hair) Writing On The Wall

love u hair
Photo Credit: Momofabch / Reddit
Photo Credit: Momofabch / Reddit

Nothing shows your love and appreciation more than leaving your spouse a mess to clean up. It’s the perfect way to remind them you care, but also that you have the power to waste five minutes of their time.