These Pictures Prove Definitively That Grandparents Are The Best People On Earth

Grandparents have been on this earth for a longer period of time than the rest of us, and with that time, they have developed into superior human beings. I mean, it’s just an indisputable fact at this point.

Keep reading to see some grandparents who are clearly operating on a different level. These might be the most adorable people on this side of the internet. Also, some of them are crazy talented. You’ll see what we mean when you get to the picture with the elephant blanket…

The Perfect Flower Girls

This bride and groom don’t have any young kids in their family yet, so they decided to have their grandmothers be their flower girls.

grandma flower girls
Photo Credit: hootersbutwithcats / Reddit
Photo Credit: hootersbutwithcats / Reddit

This is such a good idea. These two are nailing the role.