Times Husbands Did Exactly What Their Wives Wanted And It’s Both Hilarious And Infuriating

We’ve all asked our significant other to do something simple at some point in our lives. The great part about having a partner is that they’ll get it done and the not so great part is that there’s usually a “but.” These husbands literally did exactly what their wives asked them to do and we’re both laughing and googling their names to make sure they’re still alive.

This list is for you if you have a hubby who loves to give your grey hair while simultaneously making your life a little brighter. These men just don’t know when to quit.

This 18-Carrot Necklace Is Easy On The Eyes And Good For Your Eyes Too

wife with necklace
Photo Credit: Vytautas574 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Vytautas574 / Reddit

Here’s a pro tip: don’t ask your husband to buy you anything because you’ll never get what you want. If he’s given a chance to pun he will absolutely take it. Asking him for an “18 karat” necklace is just an invitation for him to go wild.