Tweets About The Chaos That Is Back To School Season

Ah yes, back to school season. A time for laughter, tears, Pinterest trends, and overall chaos. All summer you told yourself that this school year would be different, that you’d be the parent who always packs healthy lunches and never forgets to turn in a permission slip.

That first day of school rolls around and everything you planned goes completely out the window. Your kid who has never thrown a temper tantrum? He threw one as you were walking out the door. That new skirt your daughter picked out the night before? She hates it now. You have to be prepared for anything.

School Survival Guide

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Photo Credit: Twitter / @Marlebean
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Marlebean

If you ever want to test your survival skills and see if you make it through the apocalypse or the next sharknado, go to your local Target the day before school starts.

You and every other parent will be there trying to get everything off that list of school supplies that your kid’s new teacher sent home, muttering to yourselves “I don’t know why he needs separate notebooks for every subject as well as brand new markers but fine.”