Tweets About Dads That’ll Really Start Your Lawn Mower Up

Dads: we know them, we love them, and we just want them to stop making weird punny jokes all the time so we can eat dinner in peace. They’re up early on Sunday morning to mow the lawn in their crisp New Balance shoes and maybe change the oil in your car because that hasn’t been done in three days and it’s really been eating away at their soul.

These hilarious tweets really sum up the mythological creature that is a “dad.” If you relate to any of these you definitely have met a dad, are a dad, or are turning into one. You’ll know the transformation is complete when you refuse to turn on the AC in July.

And He Said, “Let There Be Low Hydro Bills This Month”

This is the spinoff we’ve all had the pleasure of seeing. Don’t even think about leaving a room and keeping the light on because the walking dad will come for you if you do. The only thing that can stop him is the promise that switching to LEDs can lower energy costs.

tweet about dads turning off lights
Photo Credit: @bodegacat212 / Twitter
Photo Credit: @bodegacat212 / Twitter