Tweets That Prove The Eldest Sibling Has It So Much Worse

Remember that chunky Nokia phone that you begged and begged your parents to get you back in the early 90s, but instead, they got you a piece of paper with your home phone number written on it and told you that they’re the only people you “need” to call? And then ten years later your younger sibling has as much Apple tech as a startup company at age 9? Well, get ready to commiserate.

Twitter user @abbygov reached out on Twitter to the eldest siblings out there to share their experiences (trauma) of how much better the youngest has it than they did. The results will have you feeling the urge to passive-aggressively text your parents about the video game they didn’t buy you over a decade ago.

@abbygov Kept It Real About Addiction Therapy

Seems like her mom ran out of a little steam by the time her little sister started high school. @abbygov followed up this tweet with another that asked “older siblings we must unionize and demand better conditions and equal treatment” and boy did the older siblings band together and share their experiences.

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Photo Credit: @abbygov / Twitter
Photo Credit: @abbygov / Twitter