Underwear For Dads To Protect The Goods While The Kids Go Nuts

These Briefs Are Rated E For Everyone

kid hanging with dad
Photo Credit: Fridababy / Amazon.com
Photo Credit: Fridababy / Amazon.com

Maybe you’re thinking that these aren’t for you since your kids aren’t waist height and constantly swinging haymakers, but let me paint a picture for you. You’re a new dad, you’re helping out wearing one of those baby front-carrier harnesses, and said baby’s heels are the perfect height to just curb stomp your crotch into oblivion. Don’t you think you’d want a little peace of mind in that situation?

Whether your kids are 6 months-old or 16-years-old and pissed at you for not getting them the new Xbox, really just take no chances and pick up a pair of Fridaballs. You can wear them as your child grows and their stretchy waistband lets you grow with them too—since you’re stress eating because you’re always on alert.