Child-Themed Excuses To Artfully Escape Any Social Gathering

Doesn’t staying home just sound so wonderful these days? Like, sure, when you were a young spry buck, maybe you wouldn’t feel a creeping sense of impending doom when you were invited to your cousin’s themed dinner party. But now? You just want to take a hard pass and that’s OK.

Better yet, it’s easy to get out of your plans if you have a baby or kid at home. Here’s a diaper-load worth of excuses to stay home that literally nobody can refute.

Shirk Happy Hour Work Events By “Picking Your Kid Up From Volleyball Practice”

Any after-five work event that you’d rather peel your own fingernails off than be at conveniently falls in the timeslot of picking your kid up from [insert here] after-school activity. And the best part is, you can use it for 10 months of the year.

ladies cheersing together
Photo Credit: @kchance8 / Unsplash
Photo Credit: @kchance8 / Unsplash