Five-Year-Old Writes Her Parents An Essay Explaining Why She Wants To Change Her Name

Kids go through phases where they like something and then the next day change their minds. It can be a toy, a book, a movie, whatever. Every once in a while, there is something that a kid will stick to, causing their parents to listen.

This happened to Bri when her daughter Charlie wrote a persuasive essay asking for her name to be changed to Charlotte.

Bri Is Charlie’s Mom, And She Shared A Video On TikTok

It’s Women’s History Month. Bri wanted to share a story with her viewers about why she thinks that her daughter will be a history maker.

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Photo Credit: tiktok / @bri_mom3
Photo Credit: tiktok / @bri_mom3

She is very determined, dedicated, and, as you’ll see, super persistent.