Parents Get Real On Twitter About The Hornet Disco That Is Putting Kids To Bed

Have kids they said. It won’t be that difficult they said. Well, they forgot to say that putting your goblins to bed only takes a pint of sacrificial goat’s blood, years off your life, and a portion of your soul. And we do it every single night because we’re lunatics and we have to.

Luckily, we’re not suffering alone. These parents took to Twitter to open up about the dumpster fire of their life that rages on past 8 pm when they try and tuck their kids in for the night. And it goes exactly how you expected—very poorly.

Convenient Time To Open Up

Of course, they choose now to start spilling their most intimate details. It’s the pro-stalling move that we’ve come to expect from them and makes us wonder if we should start putting them to bed at 4 pm when they get home so we won’t have to deal with it anymore.

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Photo Credit: @ValeeGrrl / Twitter
Photo Credit: @ValeeGrrl / Twitter