Parents With Grown Children Showing Their Work Is Never Done

It’s weird that when we are growing up, we think there will come a time when we don’t need our parents anymore. We probably won’t need them the same way, but we will always rely on them to know better than we do, and they’re still going to be the first person we call when things head south.

But, that’s normal. Then, there are other times when even as adults, we don’t have the world all figured out, and we need our parents to guide us.

This Dad Had Other Plans

dad holding up a sign that says
Photo Credit: Twitter / @allison_barron
Photo Credit: Twitter / @allison_barron

Obviously, this means that he likes his future son-in-law a lot, because dads always save that kind of roasting for people they really care about. Plus, he was obviously consulted on the engagement before it happened.