People Share Fond Childhood Memories When Their Dad Made Them Promise To ‘Never Tell Mom’

The Dad Who Loved To Eat Out

“When I was a kid, my dad regularly sabotaged our stove so that we would be ‘forced’ to go out to eat at a restaurant. We loved Pizza Inn, and my mom always nagged that we needed to ‘eat something green’. My mom knew squat about anything electrical, mechanical, etc.

white stove with bowls stacked on it
Photo Credit: Brandon Cormier / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Brandon Cormier / Unsplash

“Sometimes Dad flipped the switch in the circuit box or anything else he could think of to make the stove non-functional. To this day, my mom still thinks the stove we had in the ’90s was flaky and intermittently faulty before we got a new one when I was in high school. By that time, family dinners were a no-go anyway due to everyone’s schedules, so we no longer had to deal with the tampering of the kitchen.” —Reddit