These Fathers-In-Law Might Make You Feel A Bit Better About Your Own

It’s no secret that tension exists between in-laws. It’s a tough relationship to negotiate. Some people manage to create strong bonds with the parents who come with their partners. Others aren’t so lucky. Recently, people took to Twitter to share photos of the things that infuriate them about their fathers-in-law.

Some of these photos are just mildly infuriating, while others might cause actual rage. Just thank your lucky stars that your father-in-law doesn’t make you feel this angry.

He Was Trying To Help

Sometimes fathers-in-law have the best of intentions but they end up making things so much worse.

I would rather just not have a light switch and not have a hole in my water pipe.

That’s Not What Snow Means

I don’t know if this guy is trying to be funny or if he actually thinks that the presence of snow negates the global climate crisis.

I do not envy the person who married his son or daughter, though.

Something Better

Literally, anything would be better than this horribly cracked phone screen.

I’m surprised this guy doesn’t constantly have shards of glass in his fingertips. This is both infuriating and dangerous.

There’s A String!

How easy would it be to hang up that loofa by the string that it’s supposed to be hung by?

Now it’s going to get all unraveled. It has a string!

A Very Dirty Keyboard

I don’t know if this guy doesn’t know that it’s possible to clean his keyboard or if he just doesn’t care about what his stuff looks like.

This is so dirty.

Never Peeling It Off

The first thing I do whenever I get a new piece of technology is rip that plastic covering right off. It’s the most satisfying thing in the world.

Why does this man deny himself that satisfaction?

A Brand New Couch

Excuse me, sir, but could you please take your dirty sneakers off of that brand new couch?

Who wears sneakers on any kind of couch, whether it’s new or not?

The Worst Way To Cut A Sandwich

This is absolutely not how you should cut a sandwich in half. Either you do it lengthwise or in triangles, but horizontally is never allowed.

I can’t believe he would do something like this.

There’s A Cap, Though

This guy didn’t just open the side of the carton. He looked for scissors, found scissors, and then cut the side of the carton open.

There is a cap! Why not use the cap!?

Freshly Buttered Toast

Who would use butter this way? It makes no sense. Just take a layer off of the whole stick instead of gouging out chunks of it.

Now everybody has to use this mangled butter.

That’s Not Even

It’s very nice that he’s laying his own rock tile, but do you think that maybe he could lay it evenly? Just this once?

I could live in a house with uneven tiles. I would have to fix it or move.

No Dolls Allowed

This father-in-law doesn’t think that it’s okay for boys to play with dolls because apparently caring about humanoid baby toys is something that only girls are supposed to do.


That’s Not A Park

Excuse me, but a ramp and a patch of grass is definitely not a park.

I’m sure that this father-in-law had good intentions, but you shouldn’t say that there’s a park when there isn’t one.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Okay, this is just dangerous. Why spend money on specialized devices that make it less annoying for you to not follow safety guidelines?

Just wear your seatbelt while you’re in a car.

The Worst Idea

All of that raw chicken bacteria is going to sink into the wooden bowl.

And then the next time you make a salad in that bowl, everyone is going to get salmonella.

What A Filthy Ride

This was such a nice gesture, cleaning out the father-in-law’s car before he got home from his surgery.

But who lets their car get that filthy, let alone drive it around that way? I wouldn’t let my kid ride in that car.