These Kids Took Their Parents’ Words Far Too Literally

Kids haven’t quite learned the difference between metaphors and literal words yet. Sometimes they take metaphors or instructions way too literally, and you can’t blame them for that. But what you can do is take a picture when it happens and post that picture on the internet.

That’s what all these parents did. Keep reading to see some kids who are just out here doing their best in the funniest possible way. They are all absolutely adorable.

Listening To A CD

This mom told her baby that there was music on that CD, so naturally, she held the CD up to her ear to try to hear the music.

baby holding CD to her ear
Photo Credit: damnsung / Reddit
Photo Credit: damnsung / Reddit

What a Gen Z move.

It Took Her All Of Four Seconds

This mom told her kids to go find a four-leaf clover in the backyard in an attempt to keep them occupied for a while.

girl with four-leaf clover

It only took this girl four seconds to find one.

Save Some For Me

This mom told her daughter to save some cookies for her. Well, technically she did save her a cookie. She just didn’t save her very many cookies.

one cookie left

Rainbow chocolate chip cookies are hard to resist.

One Last Bite

This little girl didn’t want her banana anymore, so her mom told her she could throw it out if she took one more bite.

bite out of middle of banana
Photo Credit: Joba_Fett / Reddit
Photo Credit: Joba_Fett / Reddit

Well, she did take one more bite.

Don’t Eat Them All

This mom told her kid not to eat all of the Pringles. Technically, all instructions were followed in this scenario.

last Pringle in can
Photo Credit: vaydoln / Reddit
Photo Credit: vaydoln / Reddit

She didn’t eat all of the Pringles, just like mom said.

Following The Rules

This Imgur user posted a photo of her daughter literally hanging out in a clothing store along with the caption:

kid in vest hanging on rack
Photo Credit: Amdh / Imgur
Photo Credit: Amdh / Imgur

“I told my daughter she couldn’t take clothes off the hangers and try them on so I got this…”

Bring A Fish To School Day

When the teacher told her students that Monday would be “bring a fish to school” day, she meant that they should bring a live fish. You know, like a pet.

kid with a whole dead fish in a metal bowl in front of him
Photo Credit: coolchu001 / Reddit
Photo Credit: coolchu001 / Reddit

This kid brought his family’s dinner.

Cheesy Pasta

This mom told her son that he could put some cheese on his pasta, so he dumped an entire two-pound bag of shredded cheese onto his plate.

cheese piled high on noodles with a boy smiling in the background
Photo Credit: TheTonz / Reddit
Photo Credit: TheTonz / Reddit

She did say that he could.

Make A Toast

On New Year’s Eve, this girl heard her family say that they were going to make a toast at midnight.

She thought that meant that they were going to eat toast.

Add Some Sugar

This mom told her son to add some sugar to the pasta sauce, and he did exactly that.

sugar piled onto spaghetti in sauce
Photo Credit: Kenndooo / Reddit
Photo Credit: Kenndooo / Reddit

I think their spaghetti dinner is going to be extra sweet tonight.

A Hidden Cooler

This mom told her son that she didn’t want to see the cooler in the living room anymore, meaning she hoped he would put it away.

cooler under pillows

He came up with this solution instead.

Put On Lotion

This mom told her son to go upstairs and put some lotion on his face. Well, he did put lotion on his face.

kid with too much lotion on his face
Photo Credit: matzekilla / Reddit
Photo Credit: matzekilla / Reddit

He just put way too much lotion on his face.

Eat Half Of Them

Imgur user jodaz posted this photo online along with the caption, “My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of ’em.”

grapes bitten in half
Photo Credit: jodaz / Imgur
Photo Credit: jodaz / Imgur

That wasn’t what she meant.

Get Pumped

This mom told her son to get pumped for his big game. Well, he and his brother took that phrase super literally.

kid pumping other kid with foot pump

She didn’t mean for them to pump themselves up with a bicycle pump.

Don’t Take It In The Bathroom

This dad told his son that he couldn’t take his iPad into the bathroom. Well, technically the kid followed the rules.

iPad outside bathroom
Photo Credit: lustmatt / Reddit
Photo Credit: lustmatt / Reddit

He just found a very useful loophole so he can still watch “Paw Patrol” on the toilet.

Pokémon Math

Reddit user aurorax3 posted this photo online along with the caption:

pokemon math problem
Photo Credit: aurorax3 / Reddit
Photo Credit: aurorax3 / Reddit

“I teach 5th grade and I told my class to write and solve a tricky math problem. Here’s how one kid answered the question.”