Adults Who Took Immaturity To The Next Level

You’re only as old as you let yourself feel, right? This is good advice for anyone who’s looking to squeeze a little more vitality out of their years, but sometimes people take it too far in the best and worst ways. I’m talking about some serious Benjamin Buttons.

Here are some grown freaking adults who decided today would be the day to step back into the blunder years. It’s all the chaos and humor you remember without the braces and chin acne.

Ed On Yelp Messed With The Wrong Sub Shop

sub sign
Photo Credit: thatsmoderatelyraven / Tumblr
Photo Credit: thatsmoderatelyraven / Tumblr

Next time Ed wants to complain about a sandwich, he should think about who he’s lashing out at. Because clearly, this manager can get way pettier and more immature if the situation calls for it.