Artist Discovers That His Mom Influenced His Career By Lying To Him As A Kid

When you’re a kid, it’s fun to play pretend to think about what your future job might be. I used to dress up in a white coat, hold my toy stethoscope to my brother’s chest, and diagnose him with a broken arm. Though many of us change paths as we get older—you may be shocked, but I am not currently a doctor—some people really take their passion through to adulthood with the right encouragement and support.

One artist went on Twitter to share how he recently found out how his mother influenced his career decisions with a simple lie she told him in his childhood.

Meet Nas Suha

artist painting a mural
Photo Credit: Instagram / @nassuha_
Photo Credit: Instagram / @nassuha_

Nas Suha is a young Malaysian artist who was born and raised in Cheras in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. His art uses bright colors with a doodle-style of drawing to create complex pieces.