Here Are Just Some Of The ‘Back In My Day’ Expressions Our Parents Said

Life was just harder back then. Walking to school was uphill both ways. For everyone that grew up with their parents constantly reminding them what snowflakes we are now and how staunch they had to be when they were young, here’s to you. It’s every generation too – if you’re not doing it now you will when you’re older.

It doesn’t matter if these stories were true or even possible. What matters is that now you know you have no right to complain about how good you have it. Here are what people’s parents used to say to them about what life was like ‘back in their day.’

This Dad Who Knew How To Climb The Corporate Ladder

bagger to store manager reddit thread
Photo Credit: mustXdestroy / Reddit
Photo Credit: mustXdestroy / Reddit

This dad has been watching the motivation speaker circuit for far longer than any of us. He’s got a great can-do, anything’s possible attitude, but lacks a little realism on the follow through. This may be a case of watching too many 80s rags to riches movies on repeat.

What’s unclear is if this is something that the dad himself used to do or if he even knew anyone who did this. It’s a great goal for any bagger at the grocery store. Too bad there’s around 20 cashiers employed at any time and only one manager.