Parents Share The Completely Valid Reasons Their Kid Had A Meltdown

If the Instagram hashtag #whymykidiscrying has taught us anything, it’s that there is an infinite number of reasons why your child might be having a temper tantrum. As a toddler, the possibilities are endless. You can cry for any reason you want!

For the parents, sometimes they just need to laugh. Maybe it’s the first tantrum your little tyke has thrown, or maybe it’s the 100th. But at least you’re not alone! Other parents are out there being yelled at for buttering the toast the wrong way too! We’ve gone through and collected some of the best reasons why a tiny human threw a tantrum (and by best I mean completely sane and rational reasons only.)

Salon Struggles

Why are we having a meltdown in the car? Instagram user @these.momma.struggle shared this photo of her very angry five-year-old because she “wanted my soon-to-be 6-year-old to get her hair trimmed. She had an epic meltdown and screamed for an entire half hour. She literally melted into the salon chair screaming. I found it as a good excuse to blare 90s music as loud as my van would play.”

#5 - @these.momma.struggle temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @these.momma.struggle
Photo Credit: Instagram / @these.momma.struggle

Sometimes you just need to blast the Backstreet Boys and pretend your child hasn’t been crying for the past thirty minutes…