Couple Stages Funny Photoshoot Celebrating Vasectomy And Child-Free Life

From birthdays to engagements, weddings, and birth announcements, people love doing photoshoots in order to celebrate big milestone moments.

But have you ever decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate the fact that you don’t want children? One couple from Indiana did, and their story – and the hilarious photos – have gone viral.

We’re Having A Baby

Whether it’s a married couple or a single person, many people dream of one day becoming a parent. It’s a life-changing decision, and once the time comes, people can’t wait to share the news.

A pregnant woman holds her baby bump during a maternity photoshoot.
Photo Credit: Matt Nelson / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Matt Nelson / Unsplash

By word of mouth or a gender reveal party, parents also have a multitude of ways to tell friends and family that they’re expecting. Some people also opt for elaborate maternity photoshoots.