This Creative Father Draws His Children Into Incredible Fantasy Scenes

Parents of children tend to imagine all the things there little ones might become. While many people imagine their kids might one day be a doctor or a professional athlete, Instagram user and Father of two young boys (1 and 3), Yota7454 dreams even bigger. The talented artist draws his two young kids into scenes that delve into movies, sports, pop culture, and nature scenes. The pieces are heavily inspired by Japanese related shows as well as movies by the American film studio, Pixar. Below, you can take a look at some of the most inspired pieces of artwork by Yota.

Look Out! He’s Dropping in!

Are we looking at the next flying tomato? This adorable little snowboarder is dropping into the closest mountain range. Here, Yota pays tribute to snowboarding culture by drawing his little one into a snowboarding scene complete with a Burton snowboard and hip snow goggles.


While this little guy may be a little too young for the next Olympic games taking place in Beijing in 2022, you may want to keep an eye on him for the 2026 games.