Dad Hacks That Are Equally Hilarious And Useful

As a father with three kids at home, I fully understand the struggles that come with raising children. From the moment they wake through the failed attempts to get them into bed, they are little bundles of joy and power plants that churn out energy at a frenzied rate. Parenting is incredibly rewarding but it comes with challenges.

How do I carry this giant pile of human around with me? Will they actually sit still for their photoshoot? What is a hair tie and why do they have to exist? From raising girls with no clue about female needs to baseball practice and everything in between, parenting requires a lot of patience and just the right amount of hacks. These dads might not win parent of the year awards but they’ve found their own unique ways to get through the day with their own kiddos.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

First, I’m really impressed this dad bought a van that can fit three car seats side-by-side. Any parent traveling with young children understands the bickering that can occur even on the shortest of rides. This dad used cardboard to separate his children from each other’s line of view.

We call this the out of sight, out of mind hack, and he claims it works out perfectly. I can’t vouch for the safety of this trick but the engineering behind it is so perfect that I had to share.