Dad Jokes That Are So Fatherly They’ll Chip Away At Your Soul

We love our dads and their punny senses of humor. The way they can time themselves to tell the jokes when you least want them to is truly iconic. Me: can you help me change this lightbulb? Dad: lightbulb, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

People have compiled a list of all their favorite dad jokes and it will have you either taking notes or remembering back to your own childhood. Readerly discretion is advised: you will have a handprint in the middle of your forehead from how hard you’ll be facepalming.

This Who-Dunnit?

dad joke about owls
Photo Credit: Prestigious_Pringle / Reddit
Photo Credit: Prestigious_Pringle / Reddit

If you’ve been around any dad for more than 5 minutes, or have been a dad yourself for that time, you know the value of a good corny joke set up. If you’re an Office fan, this is the new “smells like updog in here” joke and it’s all pure corny gold.

What if an owl dad was to tell this to his owl children? Would it land? Or would they find the stereotype that they only say “who” offensive? Whooooo knows.