Your Dad Is Gonna Kick Up His Feet With These Socks During His Afternoon Nap

If you’ve never sat down on your recliner at 4 in the afternoon, kicked up your feet, and take a quick catnap, are you even a dad? You know the nap is really good if you get that dad snore going where the kids come downstairs and the pets are startled because they think a motorcycle gang is rolling by.

Well, if that sounds like you or your dad, you need these custom socks that should let everyone know that yes, dad snores. And no, he doesn’t really care that he’s loud.

When You See This You Know He’s Done Till Dinner

i dont snore black socks
Photo Credit: Etsy / KOYSARsocks
Photo Credit: Etsy / KOYSARsocks

There’s something about a good nap that can really improve your day, and there’s no better time to nap then just before dinner. So if you see your dad in his recliner with these socks on, just let him rest up.