Dads Who Brought All The Laughs That No One Asked For

Whenever a dad makes a joke, millions around the world groan in horror. Their jokes have to be the type of thing that you should’ve seen coming, but somehow you didn’t. They’re all embarrassing to laugh at, but you start to appreciate them as you get older. You might even start cracking your own, even if you’re not a dad. That’s when you know it’s getting serious.

Printer 101

Your dad doesn’t seem to understand the muggle world. The only reason why he attempted to print is that he wanted to see the “paper-view” of the music video. Might as well print out the rest of the songs from Deep Purple’s Machine Head album and include it in a birthday card.

Welcome To Chugwater, Wyoming

You know your dad is committed to making a pit stop during a road trip just to take this photo. Heck, he’s even rocking double glasses too! Maybe the next time you and your dad visit Chugwater, Wyoming, see if you can find a town named Chugbeer to take the edge off.

Merry Christmas From The Jackson Five

Now this is what a clever Christmas card is all about! Also, look at the hat variety of the Presidents. The unwritten rule of dad jokes is that as long as it comes with money, you laugh. He earned it. This makes up for your father making a lazy effort on signing your birthday card, which you’ll see in a bit!

Dads Like To Grow Pineapples

The amount of effort that was made into staging this photo is truly amazing. He didn’t even bother wearing shoes for the photo, probably because he didn’t have enough time to find them before the photo shoot started. Dad is proud of a lot of things, but apparently, his children come in second to his pineapple.

Mocking Selfies For A Joke

If you think your dad is embarrassing, then he clearly hasn’t reached this level. This dad doesn’t bother dancing in front of your friends or threatening your boyfriend on the first date. Instead, he trolled his own daughter in the best way imaginable. He is a true contender for Dad of the Year.

Pretend To Read It Like I Put Effort Into It

That is what happens when your dad realizes at the last minute that they need to “run to the store” as soon as they forgot it was your birthday. It happens, so hopefully, he bought two so he has one in his back pocket for next year. You can get back at him by buying him an e-reader, because he probably doesn’t know how to work the thing.

Bank Of Dad

Apparently, our parents are money trees, but it was pretty cute for this six-year-old to ask permission for an early advancement on their allowance. But $20 for an allowance at that age? Man, I only got $5 a week! This kid is lucky he’s getting that weekly. They’d better be cooking dinner at least once a week.

Playing With His Breakfast

Odds are, this dad was up to no good. Or you know, at least he’s up to something if he’s sitting there staring at you. Your work here is done pops. Now, get up to pay the bill and let’s get out of here before you make another prehistoric reference at the table again.


The New Bookmark

Giving a gift like a Kindle to your dad wasn’t the smartest idea. This is like buying your dad a Nintendo DS so he could play brain training games, except he forgets how to turn it on. I’m not sure what’s worse. This, or pretending to get a fancy car with low expectations.

Dragged To A Justin Bieber Concert

Nothing but loud screams and brace faces on little girls. Their screams are puncturing their dad’s ear dreams which will make them take some extra time at the beer tent at the concert. Someone needs to make a video montage of dads at a Justin Bieber concert with ‘Mad World’ playing in the background.

10 Simple Rules

This is as good as the TV show Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter. Rule number 10 could get a little bit awkward, but it would be rather strange for a dad to wear this when his daughter is 30-years old. Obnoxious as the shirt maybe, nobody should mess with this dad.


When You Think You’re Getting A Nice Car

Cruelty on a whole new level. This is much worse than getting an “eye pad” box from your dad. Really wish we could have seen the disappointment on the kid’s face as soon as they realize it’s a USB. This prank will make up for it with the best graduation gift your dad will ever give you!

Safety First

Sometimes, it’s good to go over 2500 RPMs. Basically, this dad’s daughter isn’t allowed to go up hills or accelerate to freeway speeds at a decent rate. Growing up, I’m actually glad my dad never did this to me or my sisters. If a cop pulled them over, they’d have a lot of explaining to do.


Dad Vs. NBA Mascot

That’s what you get for photoshopping your report card. The Charlotte Hornets offered a bit of sympathy for the kid who was trolled by his dad. Don’t worry Thomas, Hugo the Hornet has your back when it comes to the importance of education. It’s a good thing to know that Thomas has Buzz City on his side.

Graduation Gift

It’s your dad’s way of saying he loves you, because he won’t actually say it. All I got from graduating from high school was a nice dinner and a card. They say that it’s the thought that counts, but the least this proud poppa could do was break more than a five dollar bill. You’ll find out why a gift card is better than a silly check.


This dad sure knows how to tease his daughter’s favorite musician. Even my dad has a phone but he’s not that clever to come up with something like this. Honestly, this is one of the best dad jokes out there, and I’m probably going to save it for dinner this Christmas.

All Dads Need A Break

Beers? Check. Wings? Check. Grey Reebok shoes? Check. Old and outdated Levi jeans? Check. Lawnchair in the front yard? Check. This is the perfect example of any dad after a long week of work. When you work hard, you deserve a break every now and then.


A Gift Card That’s Cash

As you get older, it’s truly better to receive cash. It’s kind of like a gift card, except you’re not forced to spend it all in one place. Most of the time, when people receive gift cards, they just toss them into a drawer and forget about it without even realizing that the card could expire.

Overprotective Much?

What this dad succeeded to do was ensure that his daughter never brings a boy home from school ever again. People might take this too seriously, but it looks like good humor in my opinion. Her expression is priceless in this photo and dad looks like he’s having the time of his life.


Morbid Family Joke

You can tell that humor is a family trait with a portrait like this. When you’ve been through so much together, it’s important to be able to poke fun at each other. You can tell that while this wasn’t grandpa’s idea, he definitely approves. Hopefully, they still have plenty to talk about over dinner.