Dead Giveaways That Someone Peaked In High School, And It’s Scary Accurate

You know the type. He’s got the ratty Metallica t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, the 3-year mullet, and the carabiner on his cargo shorts that only has his housekey because he can’t drive anymore. Maybe you’re psychic, but something tells you this man peaked in high school.

People are sharing the signs that someone peaked in high school and it’s wild how spot-on they are. You could practically go back to your hometown haunts with a checklist. So, round up your Biffs, Brads, Chads, and Susies because they’re going to want to hear this.

Ye Olde Budweiser And Friends T-Shirt

kid on picture day wearing bud shirt
Photo Credit: @StimelingSydney / Twitter
Photo Credit: @StimelingSydney / Twitter

Karen Collins on Quora enlightens us by saying that she can tell when “you still dress like you did as a teenager in the 80s, maybe the t-shirt or tank top is a newer beer.” Ahem, Budweiser shirt.

Listen, it’s not the shirt itself that makes it obvious, but it’s the whole aura that the shirt adds to. Like the aura that you can crack open beers with your teeth and tell people about this skill you cultivated when you were 17 even though you’re at a dinner party in a house with a bottle opener. Just open the drawer Jim.