DIY Fails And Their Creators That Are Definitely Going Through Some Things

Just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should. That means instead of taping that CD over your missing gas tank door you should go an get it replaced. Easy stuff like that – save your Bon Jovi tunes for the stereo.

Some of these were bad ideas executed well. Others were good ideas done poorly. But behind most of these are people who probably need a hug and a warm cup of tea. Strap yourself in for these DIY don’ts.

If You Don’t Have Bike Tires Just Grab Several Pairs Of White Sneakers

bike dude riding it sneakers instead of tires
Photo Credit: HidroProtagonist / Reddit
Photo Credit: HidroProtagonist / Reddit

We’ve all been in the situation where our bike tire has popped – most of us have immediately gone and gotten it replaced with another one. There’s no other option. Well, this guy was gosh darn tired of his tires popping all the time.

This is a cursed image. He took his best grass-mowing dad sneakers and made this monstrosity. Just imagine the thump of it slowly coming down the street towards you. Problem solved though, now he only has to worry if his tires get their laces untied.