If Your Father Is A Farter, We’ve Got The T-Shirt For You

We all have the best dad. But which dad’s out there have the accolades to prove it? Sure, if you did a simple poll at your local Home Depot, you could probably find a dozen dads who have a ‘World’s Best Dad‘ mug. But what specifically are these dads the best at?

If your dad rips the meanest farts with dignity and class, he deserves some recognition. Just be careful, because if you get him this ‘World’s Best Farther, I Mean Father‘ t-shirt, he might actually wear it out in public.

An Honor He Can Wear With Pride

man with two thumbs up wearing world's best farter i mean father tshirt
Photo Credit: Amazon / Tstars
Photo Credit: Amazon / Tstars

Honestly, if you have a dad that knows how to pass gas, he’s probably pretty proud of it. Now, I’m not saying you should be proud of it too, but if you get him this shirt, I’m sure he’ll be appreciative of it.