Five Friends Took The Same Photo Every Five Years And It’s Heartwarming

In 1982, five friends who just graduated from high school took a photo. It was a silly, spontaneous, and fun memory. At the time, they didn’t know that they would recreate the same photo for over thirty-five years.

The quintet’s picture series has inspired thousands of people around the world and caused quite a few teary eyes. But most viewers had questions. How did they do it? What on earth is in that random jar that Belves is holding? Read on to learn the heartwarming story of a lifelong friendship.

Their First Picture (1982)

On Independence Day of 1982, five friends — John Dickson, John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer-Cleary, John Molony, and Dallas Burney — snapped a photo near the Oregon-California border. They were at a lakeside cabin when they decided to snap a photo in front of the mountains.

the five friends' first photograph in 1982

In the picture, all friends have brooding expressions. The three Johns are shirtless, and one holds a mysterious jar. And yes, these details became critical several years down the line.